Microprocessors - Question and Answer - 5

21. Give examples for Micro controller?
  1. Z80
  2. Intel MSC51 &96
  3. Motorola
  4. Altera.
  5. Analog Devices.
  6. Atmel.
  7. Cypress Semiconductor.
  8. Maxim Integrated.
  9. ELAN Microelectronics Corp.
  10. EPSON Semiconductor.
  11. Espressif Systems.
21.a.What is clock frequency for 8085?
3 MHz is the maximum clock frequency for 8085.

22. Which Stack is used in 8085 ?
In 8086, the main stack register is called stack pointer - SP. The stack segment register (SS) is usually used to store information about the memory segment that stores the call stack of currently executed program. LIFO (Last In First Out) stack is used in 8085.In this type of Stack the last stored information can be retrieved first

23. In 8085 which is called as High order and Low order Register ?
In 8085 Flag is called as Low order register.
In 8085 Accumulator is called as High order Register.

24. What is Program counter ?
The program counter, commonly called the instruction pointer in Intel x86 and Itanium microprocessors, and sometimes called the instruction address register, the instruction counter, or just part of the instruction sequencer, is a processor register that indicates where a computer is in its program sequence.
What are the various registers in 8085? Accumulator register, Temporary register, Instruction register, Stack Pointer, Program Counter are the various registers in 8085

25. How many machine cycles does 8085 have?
The 8085 have seven machine cycles. They are
  1. Opcode fetch
  2. Memory read
  3. Memory write
  4. I/O read
  5. I/O write
  6. Interrupt acknowledge
  7. Bus idle