Microprocessors - Question and Answer - 4

16. What’s the speed and device maximum specs for Firewire ?
FireWire 400, also called IEEE 1394a or i.LINK, is the consumer and professional standard for formats such as DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, and HDV. FireWire is an inexpensive and easy way to capture and output high-quality digital video using a variety of camcorders and decks and is capable of data rates as high as 400 Mbps. Where’s MBR located on the disk? Main Boot Record is located in sector 0, track 0, head 0, cylinder 0 of the primary active partition.

17. What are the various segment registers in 8086?
Code, Data, Stack, Extra Segment registers in 8086.

18. What is meant by a bus?
A bus is a group of conducting lines that carriers data, address, & control signals.

19. What is Stack Pointer?
A stack pointer is a small register that stores the address of the last program request in a stack. A stack is a specialized buffer which stores data from the top down. As new requests come in, they "push down" the older ones.

20. Differentiate between Single level interrupts and Multi-level interrupts ?
The differences between them are as follows
Single interrupts are managed with a single ping whereas multi interrupts are managed by multi pins.
For single interrupts, polling is essential while for multi it is not necessary.
Multi-level interrupts are relatively faster than single –level interrupts.

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