Operating system - Question and Answers - 6

26. What is a process state ?
A processes may occupy a variety of states. These distinct states may not be recognized as such by the operating system kernel.
New State – means a process is being created
Running – means instructions are being executed
Waiting – means a process is waiting for certain conditions or events to occur
Ready – means a process is waiting for an instruction from the main processor
Terminate – means a process is stopped abruptly

27. What is Piping or plumbing ?
Piping, plumbing :  The output of one program is sent as input to another program. This feature is useful for when a user needs data from one program and does not want to have to retype all the output.

28. What is a network operating system (NOS)
A network operating system is a specialized operating system for a network device such as a router, switch or firewall. A network operating system (NOS) is an operating system that manages network resources: essentially, an operating system that includes special functions for connecting computers and devices into a local area network (LAN). The NOS manages multiple requests (inputs) concurrently and provides the security necessary in a multiuser environment.

29. What is a root partition ?
A root partition is the isolated area in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment where the hypervisor runs. The root partition is the first one created; it starts the hypervisor and can access devices and memory directly.

30 What is Demand Paging ?
Demand paging is a method of virtual memory management. In a system that uses demand paging, the operating system copies a disk page into physical memory only if an attempt is made to access it and that page is not already in memory. 
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