Computer Organization - Question and answer - 9

41. What is memory buffer register (MBR) ?
Memory buffer register (MBR) (also known as memory data register (MDR)) is the register in a computer's processor, or central processing unit, CPU, that stores the data being transferred to and from the immediate access storage. ... The MDR is a two-way register.

42. What is a System Bus ?
A Bus that connects major computer components (Processor, Memory, I/O) is called a System Bus.It is a single computer bus among all Buses that connects all these components of a computer system.

43. What is memory address register (MAR) ?
The memory address register (MAR) is the CPU register that either stores the memory address from which data will be fetched to the CPU, or the address to which data will be sent and stored. ... MAR, which is found inside the CPU, goes either to the RAM (random access memory) or cache.

44. What is a Peripheral Component Interconnect Bus (PCI bus) ?
A Peripheral Component Interconnect Bus (PCI bus) connects the CPU and expansion boards such as modem cards, network cards and sound cards. These expansion boards are normally plugged into expansion slots on the motherboard.
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