Compiler - Question and answer - 8

36. What are the actions performed in predictive parsing ?
1. Shift
2. Reduce
3. Accept
4. Error

37. What is procedure calls ?
The procedure is such an important and frequently used programming construct that it is imperative for a compiler to generate good code for procedure calls and returns. The run-time routines that handle procedure argument passing, calls and returns are part of the run-time support package.

38. What is table management in compiler  ? 
Table Management(Book-keeping) This is the portion to keep the names used by the program and records essential information about each. The data structure used to record this information called a 'Symbol Table'.

39. What is Loop Optimization ?
Another important source of optimization concerns about increasing the speed of loops. A typical loop improvement is to move a computation that produces the same result each time around the loop to a point, in the program just before the loop is entered.
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