Compiler - Question and answer - 3

11. What are the drawbacks of an interpreter ?
The execution of the program is slower.
Memory consumption is more.

12. What are the advantages of interpreter ?
Modification of user program can be easily made and implemented as execution proceeds.
Type of object that denotes a various may change dynamically.
Debugging a program and finding errors is simplified task for a program used for interpretation.
The interpreter for the language makes it machine independent.

13. What is a compiler ?
Compiler is a translator program that translates a program written in (HLL) the source program and translate it into an equivalent program in (MLL) the target program. As an important part of a compiler is error showing to the programmer.

14. What is precedence of operators ? 
Operator(*) has higher precedence than other operator(+) if the operator(*) takes
Operands before other operator(+) does.
Left associative operators : + , - , * , /
Right associative operators : = , **

15. What is finite automaton ?
A recognizer for a language is a program that takes a string x, and answers “yes” if x is a sentence of that language, and “no” otherwise. Recognizer of the tokens are called as a finite automaton.
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